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The Florida Lottery (Lottery) occupies 143,107 square feet of the Tallahassee, Florida Headquarters Building and subleases the remaining 16,652 square feet to other vendors. Of the 143,107 square feet, 74,276 square feet are office space and 68,831 square feet is occupied by special use areas. OPPAGA analyzed the spatial requirements and determined that based on 242 Headquarter employees the Lottery staff space allocation is 300 square feet per employee. OPPAGA concluded the Lottery was occupying approximately 30,623 square feet more than allowed by current Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) standards. Based on the findings as outlined in the OPPAGA report, as well as the correspondence the Lottery received from the Florida House of Representatives Governmental Affairs Policy Committee and the Government Operations Appropriations Committee the Legislature requested that the Lottery develop a Space Consolidation Plan in compliance with current DMS standards. EMO developed this Space needs analysis to identify the areas that could potentially be considered for consolidation, the areas that are redundant, and the areas that might potentially be suitable for sub-lease.


Space Consolodation


Tallahassee, FL

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