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Newly integrated firm will offer expanded resources, seasoned leadership and award-winning design talent.

“The merger of EMO+GRC forms a fresh and dynamic enterprise strategically designed to achieve next generation Client success,” said Warren Emo, founding principal of EMO/ARCHITECTS, INC.

“This is truly a synergistic union where the whole Enterprise is greater than individual firms. As a firm we must continue to evolve and redefine ourselves to compete. This merger looks to the possibilities and opportunities with which will be presented. This is an exciting time,” said Richard Crowe, founding principal of GRC Architecture.

The impact of EMO and GRC Architects work is present throughout Tallahassee and the Southeast region of the United States. Their combined 60 + years portfolio of work encompasses master planning, design and construction of projects for academia, commerce, government and industry. Each firm brings complementary expertise to the merger.

"We are expanding our horizon and with the potential to move into a broader project range,” said Conner Ross, principal of GRC Architecture.

The EMO + GRC Team

So how did the two competing firms end up here?

Warren Emo and David Gilchrist graduated together at the University of Florida with undergraduate design degrees. They were roommates in graduate school heading towards their master degree in architecture. They were intense, passionate and overachievers in their studies. With exception of their social bond, their interests were diverse which took them in separate paths academically and professionally. Always respected professionally for well over 40 years they had not worked together in any type of venture. These two seasoned architects have evolved in their leadership. They will serve the Team through a strategic enterprise geared towards the next generation of Client success.

About EMO

With nearly four decades of practice, EMO is a unique design firm that has completed award winning projects throughout the southeast. The firm strives to create extraordinary places that build enduring value for their Clients and the communities they serve. Testimony of the firm’s success can be measured by multiple repeat commissions from a select clientele. Their work has been published in both local and national publications. The multi-disciplinary design studio composed of planners, architects and construction professionals distinguishes the practice from other traditional firms by cultivating a pragmatic and multifaceted design+build approach to creating successful solutions for their Clients. The architects, planners, general contractors, and LEED accredited professionals collaborate to implement an innovative and unique project approach to deliver superior projects. EMO is a collaborative practice dedicated to design and technical excellence--building on a continuum of ideas to improve the community, and exceed Client expectations.

About GRC

Beginning with Richard R. Crowe & Associates in 1987, the GRC firm has a history of excellence. GRCs philosophy of its principal architects practicing architecture keeps the principals personally working on every project. This allows GRC to serve the Client better. The GRC organization provides Clients with direct principals working as true practicing architects. Since the principals have intimate involvement in all aspects of a project, potential problems are dealt with early. Direct principal involvement and an efficient staff allows GRC to provide excellent service. This is a strategic advantage over many area firms and one which our Clients have come to appreciate.

Both EMO and GRC utilize state of the art the Building Information Modeling Process (BIM) systems to leverage knowledge and create a smooth information stream throughout the design and documentation process. Furthermore, to benefit the Client, presentations are conducted "live" in the virtual model. The EMO+GRC process builds confidence and consensus within the Client’s project team.

Starting Top Left (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Johnston Dining Hall-Suwannee Room, Capital City Trust Company, Azalea & Magnolia Halls, Leon County Clerk of Courts, Southern Methodist University Tennis Center, Florida State University: Dining at 1851, Tallahassee Community College: Campus Master Plan, University of Central Florida: Academic Villages Phase II

As EMO and GRC merge operations, the unique qualifications and expertise of each firm compliments the combined enterprise, each expanding upon the experience and expertise of the other. Culturally the two firms were a natural fit as well. Within both design shops, passion and humor go hand in hand. This is truly a synergistic union where the whole Enterprise is greater than individual firms.

Starting Top Left (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Ruby Diamond Performance Hall, Florida State University: Parking Garage III, Four Oaks Community Church, Florida State University: West Campus Dining, Florida State University: Student Services Center, Florida State University: Soccer Softball Complex, Capital City Bank: Design Build Compression Dome, Florida State University: Landis Hall, Florida State University: Traditions Hall, Fort Coombs Armory, Florida State University: Deviney & Dorman Halls, University of West Florida: Campus Master Plan

“EMO offers markets that GRC has not pursued. GRC offers three principals with vast experience in unique design and renovation architecture than will bolster the portfolio of the Team,” said David Gilchrest, principal of GRC Architecture.

The EMO+GRC firm will consolidate operations into GRC’s existing headquarters in Tallahassee's All Saints District. Leadership will be comprised of David Gilchrist, Connor Ross Richard Crowe and Warren Emo. The firm will operate as: EMO+GRC LLC.

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