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EMO has performed Architectural and Design/Build services for Capital City Bank throughout the Southeast since 1996. For the Capital City Trust Company Building, EMO was responsible for the interior architectural design and coordination of the furniture, fixtures and equipment. The planning, design and construction occurred over a two year period of time. EMO worked closely with Capital City Trust Company personnel to optimize the utilization of the space and create a contemporary corporate office interior that will provide for an efficient work environment that will support the collaboration between all staff and enhanced facilitation of meeting the needs of Trust Company clients. Notable design elements include the three-story atrium which was conceptualized as a grand formal common space and provides opportunities for clients and staff to meet and interact, as well as orienting the users to the reception areas of the different corporate divisions within the building. Large conference rooms were provided to foster exchange of ideas between staff and clients and to also promote the corporate image of a financial institution. Sidelights were incorporated into all office doors/walls to allow natural light into the internal open office areas and corridors. Additionally, covered parking was designed to provide bank client convenience.


Interior Build Out


Tallahassee, FL

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