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EMO offers combined resources and expertise that are tailored to address the unique qualities associated with the design, construction or restoration of Parking Structures.


Designing a parking structure that is intuitive, functional and contributes to the architectural vernacular of the given context invites numerous design challenges. The most important of which is to provide for safe and efficient passage of people and vehicles, particularly relating to automotive, engineering and traffic issues. Designing a functional and operational parking facility requires EMO’s integrated design approach of many professionals. We have demonstrated our experience of envisioning and constructing complex, aesthetic, and integrative parking structures with our multi-level parking structures on the busy Florida State University campus, among others.


Upon evaluation of the existing site to determine potential locations for the parking garage, it’s critical to consider the short-term and long-term facilities that are planned to be designed and constructed. It is also important to take into consideration the general character of the site or campus as it exists today, and the character of that it aspires to achieve in decades ahead.


Our firm have been committed to performing these services in an integrated multi-disciplinary environment that has ensured great results and client success throughout the years. We believe it is our professionalism, our integrity and our emphasis on excellent communication and coordination within the Team and with our clients that have been the cornerstone of our growing relationships. In addition, our ability to synthesize innovation and functionality in the facilities we restore and design has proven to be unmatched in the industry.

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