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Located in the heart of the campus this four-story open parking structure provides 850 parking spaces for FSU Students.  Sited on the corner of the busy Woodward and Park Avenues, the garage was designed to use the natural contours of the site to provide vehicular access to the first two parking levels. The garage has two way traffic and 90 degree parking on each floor and at each of the interior ramps to maximize the number of parking spaces. Double scissor ramps at the interior portion of the facility allow for optimal traffic flow to each level of the garage and exits. The parking facility is designed to allow direct accessibility from the garage to the first and second level of the Student Services Center. The architectural design solution that EMO employed for this facility blends Collegiate Gothic and Gothic Revival materials, elements and proportions with a modern building type and construction technique. The goal of the design was to respond to the western edge of the historic part of the campus by providing a subordinate “fabric” type of building that defers to the monumental structures surrounding the site. The building incorporates a moderate scale and restrained detailing, while using a materials palette that complements the adjacent structures.  Located in the heart of the campus, this four-story open structure provides 850 parking spaces for students. 


Parking Garage


Tallahassee, FL

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