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EMO has been providing design services to government entities for just shy of three decades. These services aim to not only establish client satisfaction but serve to positively impact the quality of life and character of our surrounding communities and the built environment they reside. Our firm has successfully completed projects at varying scales including: courthouses, civic centers, libraries, and airports. Founded on the principles of quality and integrity, our firm has built a strong reputation for providing quality services at a competitive price. As an award winning design firm offering a full range of professional architectural design and related services, we strive to create innovative, expressive and responsible architecture that successfully meets the needs of our clients while also enhancing the community. 


EMO delivers the quality and performance that civic and government buildings require in a way that is cost-effective to build and operate. We believe that successful government projects require extraordinary effort, and we work to ensure facilitated team partnerships where the owner, designer and contractor interests are aligned from the inception of the project. We attentively collaborate with all project stakeholders – procurement agencies, authorities of jurisdiction, end users, construction partners and specialty contractors, as well as engaging the local communities. Our designs blend art and science to create inspiring places for people to work, learn, worship, meet, govern, shop, play and travel. 

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