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Located in over 25,000 square feet on the main level of the Leon County Courthouse, the new Clerk of Courts offices were extensively programmed to bring together in one location the reorganized Clerk of Courts operation. The service lobby is designed as not only the first impression of those who enter the Courthouse, but as a welcoming space where much of the public business is conducted. A radial service counter was designed to echo the arc of the Rotunda space and extends it through the glass entry wall visible to all. The back wall is painted an "infinity blue" and is washed with light from a ceiling cove above to unify the L-shaped space that covers a 90 degree quadrant of the floor plan. Incorporated into the modern design was frameless glass to separate the cashier counters for security purposes and to acoustically isolate the computer self-help room that divides the counter areas. Individual work stations are grouped into blocks of service functions. Common work, storage and service areas are grouped into walls along the major circulation spaces.




Tallahassee, FL

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