American Institute of Architecture, State of Florida

Design Awards - 3D Video Production

University of West Florida Athletic Facilities Master Plan 


“The University of West Florida hired EMO on two separate occasions to prepare master plans, one for athletics facilities (2010) and one for a campus master plan (2012). During these two projects, EMO illustrated their outstanding ability to work very closely and collaboratively with the owner, campus constituents, and public and governmental agencies. They held highly successful campus participation sessions to obtain valuable input. I believe their success at our institution had a great deal to do with their dedicated work ethic to ensure all aspects of the planning process were dealt with pragmatically, which resulted in a highly useable document. Based upon these experiences, I recommend EMO.
Our Chief Facilities Officer, Dr. Jim Barnett, told me on several occasions EMO. was the best master planning firm used during his career.“

University of West Florida
Pensacola, FL

“...As project manager for St. Joe Company’s $82 million Village Center at WindMark Beach, we retained EMO to conduct an independent peer review of our development plan and contractor proposals. They collaborated with our entire executive and project management team, our field staff, design consultants and the contractors. EMO successfully completed through budget and critical-path schedule analyses, reviewed and renegotiated proposals, and was directly instrumental in saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the complex project – savings that were many times in excess of the fees paid to them. My view is that they are worth far more in service, quality and savings then the average Construction Manager – at a price equal to an average Construction Manager.
We had also contracted separately with EMO to provide Design/Build Construction Management services for $6 million WindMark Beach Village Center Back of House (BOH) Project. This facility was designed to house all of the Village Center’s food services and facility support services.  EMO worked with the JOE project team and civil engineering consultant to develop the project design, construction budget, project schedule and project bid packages. They were incredibly effective and adaptable to changing conditions, revising their designs and budgets virtually on demand, without complaint and with dedication – all the while remaining focused on how every new request affected every other assumption. EMO brought to us a unique capacity for collaboration, communication, negotiation and tact that was essential to keeping us well within budget and on schedule.
I can also add something the you probably already know, but bears remembering: JOE was an extraordinarily difficult and demanding client during that period – but you’d never hear EMO speak of it; their service orientation and understanding of complex management schemes simply wouldn’t allow it of them. I’m only saying that because it is true, and because I know that they’d never say it themselves.
EMO’s emphasis on service, quality, attention to detail, and integration of every aspect to every other detail creates very real value far in excess of what is paid them. Their team is always dedication and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any project, and would be happy to speak with you and share more specifies should it be desired.”

Port St. Joe, Fl.



Florida Planning And Zoning Association

Design Awards - Outstanding Design Excellence Award

Tallahassee Community College Campus Master Plan

“It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I write this letter of strong recommendation for the EMO firm. Our university worked with this firm’s leadership on two master plans, an athletics facilities plan completed in September 2010, and a campus master plan update completed in June 2012. Key strategic and fact based data were incorporated within the plans that resulted with master plans based upon comprehensively completed research and best practice. The Firm worked diligently to carefully understand our master plan requirements, remain within the project budget, met the planning schedule developed by our Facilities organization, benchmarked aspirant institutions and ensured the expectations of the University were met and/or exceeded.

Warren Emo, President of EMO, is a great listener. He leads a firm of highly dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who have exceedingly strong technical abilities and foresight to work harmoniously with the Owner, host County, and team members during a project. Mr. Emo ensured that his staff and specialty consultants consistently listened and communicated at the highest level during the planning development phases to provide strategic solutions.” 

Associate Vice President Facilities
Development and Operations
University of West Florida
Pensacola, FL 

“...EMO was engaged to assist the Florida Lottery in plans to consolidate its business operations in an effort decrease our operational cost and sublease out excess office space to a suitable tenant. The project, referred to as “The Florida Lottery – Headquarters Facility Space Consolidation Plan” was completed in April 2010, and became the blueprint that ultimately resulted in the successful sub-lease of approximately 14,850 square feet to the Office of Early Learning.
The scope of the project required EMO to focus on two prime objectives, space consolidation and security. These objectives required EMO to: interview program areas and review function; analyze the security evaluation and operation study on file (operational security audit required pursuant to s. 24.108(7) F.S.); analyze the Multiple State Lottery Association (MUSL) rules applicable to the Florida; conduct a space needs analysis for program areas; apply space management principles using the Department of Management Services (DMS) space utilization standards; identify reconfiguration and consolidation opportunities; calculation and estimation of cost associated with the reconfiguration recommendation; and provide an executive summary of the analysis and recommendation that would result in the greatest long term value to the State of Florida.
Despite the non-typical governmental business requirements requisite of an entity such as the Florida Lottery, EMO approach and execution of the engagement exhibited a professional resolve that was sensitive to the unique business operations and the need to align space occupancy with established DMS/BOMA standards.
On behalf of the Florida Lottery I am happy to have the opportunity to covey my positive experience working with this team. I heartily recommend your consideration of EMO for your future contract, and welcome any further conversation with anyone upon request. “ 

Director of Procurement Management 
Florida Lottery 
Tallahassee, Fl.


American School & University

Design Awards - Outstanding Education Design

Tallahassee Community College Campus Master Plan

Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce

2009 - Small Business Excellence Award

American School & University

Design Awards - 2009 Architectural Portfolio Citation Winner

Tallahassee Community College Campus Master Plan


“EMO has worked closely with multiple constituencies from [Santa Fe College], including representatives from Academic Affairs, Facilities Services, Information Technology Services and Institutional Effectiveness Research and Planning (IERP). [EMO] was able to pull together an incredible amount of data from multiple sources and craft a document that now serves as the basis for the next two phases of our master planning process. At every step, [EMO] made sure that we supplied them with the data they needed to accurately forecast the growth in our student  enrollment and support services. Once they established a reasonable growth projection - all the while working with IERP and the State of Florida - they were able to show how this growth would impact our facility, infrastructure and technology needs. [EMO]  ensured this accuracy through multiple checks and rechecks. We would have had an extremely difficult time pulling this information together without their invaluable assistance... Master 
planning must balance unbridled 
visioning with the reality of affordability. EMO helped us achieve this balance… their eye for  detail, experience, and tremendous people skills made the process exciting and rewarding. They have my unqualified endorsement.”

Associate Vice President Academic Affairs
  Santa Fe College
  Gainesville, FL 

"...We are exceedingly well pleased with the outcome. We believe the design is exceptional, and has resulted in many praises from our customers and employees alike. The design is visually pleasing, functional and efficient. The design team was easy to work with, and they worked very hard to understand our needs and desires. This was an unusually difficult project, as we were not only renovating existing space while occupying parts of it, but also we were completely reorganizing our service delivery structure. Therefore, EMO staff had to spend considerable time and effort eliciting our new structure and needs.
I can’t say enough good things about the design and the wonderful staff working this project. I am willing to talk with any potential users of the services of  EMO to share with them the excellent outcomes that we enjoy in the courthouse project."

Chief Deputy Clerk- Leon County 
Clerk of Circuit Court
Tallahassee, Fl.


American Institute of Architecture, State of Florida

Design Awards - Unbuilt Merit Award

Tallahassee Community College Campus Master Plan

Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce

2008 - Small Business Excellence Award


“I am pleased to announce that this [TCC] Campus Master Plan earned the 2008 Unbuilt Design Award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the top design award  citation for outstanding campus  master planning by American School and University Magazine in the 2009 national design competition for 
colleges and universities across the nation. This honorable award marks the first design award the campus has received since its inception over 40 years ago. The Master Plan was an innovative designed by EMO”  

Former President of the Tallahassee Community College (Now President of St. Petersburg
Tallahassee, FL

“In working with the EMO firm, we found them to be very organized and detail oriented, while at the same time looking out 5, 10 and 25 years to help the College understand the impacts and importance of future planning… [they] assisted the College in developing main decision themes for future growth, establishing primary planning elements for the Campus Master Plan, identifying highest and best use  of the land  resources, making recommendations for the future projects of the Campus Master Plan, and establishing an implementation plan / timeline for the Campus Master Plan.”

Dir. Facilities Planning & 
Tallahassee Community College
Tallahassee, FL 

"EMO was instrumental in the design and the construction of the Morcom Aquatics Center located on the campus of Florida State University. Through their efforts, the vision of our Athletic Department was realized. EMO worked diligently to understand the scope of the project and then provided the direction needed through the construction process. They worked effectively with the construction manager assigned to this project. EMO conducted a significant amount of research about all aspects of aquatics and provided us with viable options in design.
Our project featured two pools, a dive tower, springboards,  dry land training area,  mechanical building, and a building that houses the locker rooms, coach’s office, and storage. Their design has allowed us to meet the needs of many users groups, providing a fabulous competitive venue, an effective practice facility for our teams, and flexible recreation facility. Florida State has been selected to host numerous national events for USA Diving. At every event, the participants comment on the design of the pool. In addition to its practicality, our facility is aesthetically pleasing, with great care taken in the design of the dive tower and the buildings.
The opening of the Morcom Aquatics Center has made a great impact on the athletic teams and outside groups that use it. Our teams take pride in their facility. EMO was a great partner in the process."

Assistant Athletics Director - Facilities 
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Fl.


The National Association of College & University Food Services

Design Awards - Dining Award

Florida State University - West Dining Facility



“...Upon our successful closing on the purchase of the Holy Comforter’s new home and financing for our first building, I want to express my deepest personal thanks to EMO for their role in getting us to this point. Their vision for our future, along with your dedication to get this step accomplished, no matter what it took, they helped make the difference between success and failure.
EMO.  Was a critical part of our team to get this far, and will continue to be a vital link to our success as we enter our initial building phase. I couldn’t be more pleased with their services to the Holy Comforter family – both school and church. I looked forward to working with EMO.  During the construction phases and seeing their vision come out of the ground.
EMO service has reached beyond that of our designer. EMO.  Attention to detail and sound guidance in approaching decisions were crucial to our success. As each obstacle was overcome on time, I can’t help but believe we had the Lord on our team as well.“ 



United States Tennis Association

Design Awards - Outstanding Tennis Facility Award

Texas A+M Tennis Center



"Since 1996, we have worked with and along-side EMO  on multiple projects throughout the Southeast and have found in our experience a priority of accountability and fairness in the project delivery process in which they have been associated.

In the course of our projects, we found EMO  to be professional in their project management and communications, firm in their position as the General Contractor for the project, and fair in dealing with all parties associated with the construction delivery process.  

Their professional approach and attention to detail resulted in an adherence to the contract documents, accountability for all parties, which resulted in very successful projects for our company.  All of the projects have been delivered on time and within our budget.

I heartily recommend consideration and selection of EMO  for your project."

Capital City Bank
Mr. John Powell
Building Construction Manager


United States Tennis Association

Design Awards - Outstanding Tennis Facility Award

Florida State University - Speicher Tennis Facility

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