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The largest beach access park managed by the South Walton Tourist Development Council (TDC) now offers a permanent restroom facility for the community and visitors.

TDC and county officials commissioned these restrooms at the south end of South Orange Street in Inlet Beach in 2009. The Inlet Beach Regional Beach Access also features three dune walkovers and 117 parking spaces that were completed in the first phase of the management plan for the access.  The project is a departure from the TDC’s standard design for restrooms. Walton County observed that many years of planning had gone into the project and that there had been due diligence to make it acceptable to as many as possible. Modifications to the project, including a reduction in height of about two feet for a better view of the beach - and the use of a “split” design that has incorporated the existing sidewalk as a breezeway were positive solutions for the project and community. The South side provides facilities for men and the North side provides facilities for women.  The breezeway also acts as an emergency shelter for when a sudden storm approaches.  A full storage room and janitors closet is locate at the facility as well.  All materials were selected to withstand the harsh conditions of the Southern sea and sun. In addition, the restrooms were constructed 80 feet further north than depicted in the project plans and this change was in the interest of reducing impact on native vegetation on the property.

Previously, only port-o-lets were available at the access for restroom use.


Public Facility


Walton County, FL

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