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The University of West Florida engaged EMO to complete an investigation and analysis of a parking garage concept to determine the feasibility of constructing the campus’s first parking garage facility. During EMO’s analyses conducted for the 2010 Athletic Facilities Master Plan, three significant themes emerged that influenced this Parking Garage No. 1 Study. These themes included: enhancing the University Park area, improving pedestrian zones and linkages, and maintaining and improving parking and service areas. Giving heavy consideration to these themes, the 2010 Athletic Facilities Master Plan addresses a variety of current space and parking needs and a larger vision for the future of the campus as a whole, while the Parking Garage Study addressed the planning, design, construction and financial feasibility of a parking garage on campus. The Study explored and compared several development options, which resulted in the recommendation of a 5-level parking garage with a capacity of 947 parking spaces. The structure is recommended to be strategically located in the campus core to mitigate the 2014 projected parking space deficit of 1,727 spaces.


Parking Garage


Pensacola, FL

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