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While embracing their tremendous athletic achievements, UWF is establishing a “big picture” vision for its athletic programs and facilities with the 2010 Athletic Facilities Master Plan completed by EMO capitalizing on the unique character, sense of place, culture and physical form of the UWF campus, the Athletic Facilities Master Plan provides a proactive approach for managing anticipated growth that will enable the best quality of development and physical improvement for its athletic facilities. The Plan addresses not only the development of new buildings and facilities, but also the renovation, remodeling and repurposing of existing facilities on campus. The Plan consists of two key areas:  University Park, which is envisioned as the core of student life on campus, and the East Complex Pavilion, which is conceived as the center of UWF Field Athletics on campus.


The Athletic Facilities Master Plan is a living document that weaves together the functional relationships, environmental issues, landscape, recreational space, vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns and architectural character into a whole, to realize the aspirations of the University. The Plan recognizes concerns, proposes new perspectives, and paves a way forward for UWF to evolve physically and meet the needs of its mission to move ahead strategically and build upon its successful athletic program.


Athletics Master Plan


Pensacola, FL

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