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Santa Fe College commissioned EMO to develop a comprehensive 25-year Campus Master Plan for its Northwest campus. EMO provided a basis for long-range solutions and plan implementation guidelines for the campus’s future growth. The original master plan for the Northwest campus, formulated in 1969, established an inner core of buildings, situated around a large, open, landscaped area. As the student, faculty and staff population has increased, the entire inner campus has become virtually surrounded by parking. One of the primary purposes of the Campus Master Plan was to establish a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere and reduce the perceived dominance of vehicles in and around the campus while also providing solutions to the current-day parking shortages. While working on the Northwest Campus Master Plan, EMO was also commissioned by Santa Fe College to develop comprehensive Campus Master Plan for all Six Satellite Centers as well. EMO’s evaluation of the individual needs of each campus was a critical element in the development and success of the completed, multi-campus Master Plan.  Each of the campuses had a wide variety of specific needs, uses and plans for future growth.


Campus Master Plan


Gainesville, FL

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