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The Florida State University Student Services Center was originally planned as an interior build-out to be located on the lower level of the campus’s Parking Garage Number 2. The University’s Facility and Construction staff selected EMO/ARCHITECTS, INC., to investigate alternate design concepts which would eliminate potential problems of designing occupied space within a parking garage. EMO identified a solution to design and construct a stand-alone Student Services Building to be attached to the new parking garage and located at the corner of busy campus streets, Park and Woodward Avenues.   Located on the Woodward Plaza in between the Oglesby Union and the Student Life Center, the building features several important services   including: the Student Disability Resource Center; the Division of Sponsored Research Services; Sponsored Research Accounting Services; FSU Research Foundation; and a 24-hour diner. In addition, the Oglesby Union facilitates the second floor, which is 13,000 square feet. The Union floor includes 4 conference rooms; 3 meeting rooms; 1 reception room; and 1 banquet room. The project was bid half a percent under budget at a value of $15,500,000 and several of the add alternates requested by the User Groups were funded with the savings.


Student Center


Tallahassee, FL

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