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The Florida Department of Corrections commissioned EMO/ARCHITECTS, INC. as the Architect-of-Record to integrate  into the Florida Public Safety Institute Campus Master Plan, designed by EMO, a 432-bed Re-entry Center fully functional correctional facility on the campus of the Florida Public Safety Institute. The Re-Entry Center Facility designed by EMO includes the full complement of correctional facility program components including a support building to house the Center’s administration, program space and food services; a warehouse building; a materials and equipment building; a gate house; and three dormitory buildings. The dormitory buildings were  designed as modified “Quick Build Dorms” which are capable of housing 144 inmates in each of the dormitory buildings. The Florida Public Safety Institute incorporated into the Re-Entry complex a 25,000 sq. ft. Public Safety Institute Law Enforcement Training Facility as an extension of the Florida Public Safety Training Institute Law Enforcement Training  program.


Re-Entry Center


Havana, FL

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