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EMO  was the Construction Manager for the renovation and build-out of the Florida A & M University Campus Main-Frame Distribution Center. This facility located in Perry-Paige building computer center, is the main network hub and router for the campus computer system.  All computer data transmissions are routed through the Main-Frame Distribution system to facilities on and off campus. The project had a 45 day schedule to renovate and convert the existing 900 square foot office space and communications closet into the campus wide Computer Distribution Center.  The scope of the work included the demolition of the existing interior space, the construction and build-out of the new Distribution Center, new electrical system up-grades, new emergency generator and a new dedicated HVAC system, all while the existing Distribution Computer system remained in operation within the space.  The work also included the renovation of an Accessible Fire Exit and Accessible restroom. The work was phased and completed ahead of schedule which allowed the Campus Information Technology staff to install the distribution racks during construction and make the final switch over to the new distribution system during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  The project was completed under budget which allowed the User Group to renovate the vestibule/hallway between the new Distribution Center space and the Information Technology staff offices.


Build Out,



Tallahassee, FL

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