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With the technology pertaining to architectural and design software consistently being upgraded, EMO keeps up with the latest updates and versions for the leading industry standard software and programs. EMO dedicates part of its success by utilizing these industry standard software programs to allow for seamless collaboration between consultants which not only saves time but more importantly money.

In developing a project in a BIM environment, we can present a 3-Dimensional review of the project of both exterior and interior views for client and users review input during the schematic design phase. Individuals who are not adept at reading 2-Dimensional plans can easily recognize the design intent with these 3-D drawings and make suggestions and changes at an earlier point in the project. BIM also allows a quick review of the programmed areas of individual spaces and overall project so the client can manage the scope of the project more closely.


This technology provided our client's with an early view of the building design in a three-dimensional massing form as well as build a texture palette that best achieves an aesthetic paradigm. This flexibility empowers the EMO design team with the ability to quickly modify our concept to exceed our client’s expectations.  

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