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Opened in 2008, the new Morcom Aquatics Center was built to provide training and competition areas for FSU athletes who formerly shared the Leach Center facilities with the general student population. The state-of-the-art aquatic facility is located on the University’s Southwest Campus, next to the popular Seminole Golf Course. The main pool features up to 30 practice lanes and maintains a temperature of 80 degrees. The diving well features two one-meter and two three-meter springboards as well as one, three, five, seven-and-a-half and 10 meter platforms. The platforms are the vertical focal point of the aquatic site. They are 10 feet wide making them the widest dive platforms in the nation. Divers are able to practice using the dryland equipment, which includes two springboards attached to an intricate rope and pulley system and a trampoline. The  diving pool is kept temperature controlled at 82 degrees and features a compression bubble used to soften divers’ impact during entry while practicing platform dives. Spacious locker rooms and coaches offices are located in the new 10,000 square-foot bath house facility.


The design of this facility is compatible with FSU’s Campus Design Guidelines of collegiate gothic style architecture. The freestanding bath house consists of 8” CMU exterior walls with brick and cast stone veneer. The interior walls are 8” CMU in wet and utilitarian areas, while the administration and office area walls are steel stud with painted gypsum board. The material selected for this facility requires minimal maintenance in the wet areas and is an economical solution in the office area. The structural framing system of the roof consists of wood trusses, wood sheathing and concrete roof tiles. The ground floor slab is a 4-inch thick concrete slab
reinforced with welded wire fabric, constructed on compacted earth material.


Aquatics Center


Tallahssee, FL


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