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EMO was engaged by the state of Florida as program manager on what would become one of the most successful corrections projects in recent history, a $42.6 million project for the Lake City and South Bay Correctional Facilities. While both facilities were located on remote sites in Florida, the double project was planned, designed and constructed on-time, under budget and with no change orders -- unusual accomplishments for two concurrently managed projects. From the start, the EMO team initiated aggressive project schedules for the Lake City and South Bay facilities. Both projects concluded exactly as intended and outlined in the original project schedule, despite frequent severe weather and an active hurricane season. In fact, three of the fifteen seasonal hurricanes passed directly through the project sites while under construction, but the EMO team was able to adhere to their aggressive project schedules. EMO negotiated significant reductions in the original guaranteed maximum price (GMP). A combined $2.6 million savings was achieved for these two projects, an amount almost unheard for projects of this size and complexity.


Correctional Facility


South Bay, FL

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