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This project featured the integration of an award-winning tennis facility into the context of the existing Florida State University campus. EMO received the USTA’s prestigious Outstanding Tennis Facility Award for the design of this tennis complex. The scope of the project included campus planning and master planning to integrate the facility into an important transition between the academic and athletic zones on the campus. The design included an elevated promenade and viewing deck easily accessible with monumental stairs allowing easy access for pedestrians as they transverse, the campus. This unique design feature also allows tennis fans the unique opportunity to view concurrent match play during tournament activities. The program
included twelve competition tennis courts; a 1,000-seat stadium with fixed stadium seating, elevated viewing deck and promenade, complete locker facilities, training room facilities, coaches offices and related ancillary facilities. The tennis complex was completed within a very tight time schedule to allow conference play to occur in the new facility. EMO achieved FSU’s goals of function, schedule and strict budget compliance.


Tennis Facility


Tallahassee, FL

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