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EMO uniquely qualified to complete Campus Master Plan Services. EMO has recently successfully completed campus master plans for the following Florida Colleges and Universities:

    - The University of West Florida - Campus Master Plan

    - The University of West Florida - Athletic Facilities Master Plan

    - Tallahassee Community College - Campus Master Plan

    - Florida Public Safety Institute - Campus Master Plan

    - Santa Fe College Campus - Master Plan College Wide including Six Centers and College Zoo

    - St. Petersburg College Tarpon Springs - Campus Master Plan

    - Georgia Southern University - University Park Master Plan

    - Southern Methodist University - Athletic Facilities Master Plan

Over the last three decades, EMO has grown to become one of Florida’s leading Collegiate Master Planners. EMO has successfully completed major projects at seven (7) major universities in the State of Florida, including University of North Florida, Florida State University, Florida A&M University, University of Florida, University of South Florida, University of Central Florida and University of West Florida. The EMO personnel assigned to complete your University or College Campus Master Plan project have relevant and recent experience having successfully completed the above referenced Campus Master Plans. EMO has recent and relevant experience with State of Florida Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF) and has successfully completed Campus Master Plans for Florida Colleges and Universities. Our firm has earned statewide recognition and several design awards for these master plans including awards from the American Institute of Architects and the Florida Planning and Zoning Association. 

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