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EMO was engaged in September 2010 to complete an investigation and analysis of a new University Sports Complex & Master Site Plan. The purpose of this study was to address the planning, design, construction and feasibility of a new Sports Complex on campus to produce nationally-recognized facilities for SMU Athletics that will reinforce the University’s tradition of excellence. In addition, EMO was also charged with developing a Conceptual Schematic Design for the Tennis and Throwing Fields Complex, which will be situated in a high visibility location. Together, with both current and future campus development a new gateway to the University will be created. This gateway will help enrich the campus experience and highlight Athletics’ prominent status within the campus. EMO studied the materiality, form, order and hierarchy of prominent buildings at SMU in order to develop an architectural response that will register with the campus. The proposed Tennis and Throwing Fields facility would provide top tier tennis and throwing venues as well as a Multi-Use Athletics Facility that will place Southern Methodist University among the top facilities in their conference and provide the Athletic Department with a venue capable of hosting NCAA tournaments, professional tournaments, collegiate game day and practice facilities. 


Tennis Center


Dallas, TX

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